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The Art of Expressing the Human Body

Endurance and Mind Body Coordination for Martial Arts & Sports Performance

Action Strength: The Art and Science of Functional Fitness and Attribute Development

Bruce Lee was obsessed with the overall development of mind and body coordination. His guiding principles of functional fitness and physical and mental attribute development are the building blocks of our present training methodology, called Action Strength.

According to Bruce Lee, “physical conditioning and strength development are the most neglected phases of athletics. Often times too much time is spent in the development of skill and too little to the development of the individual that is performing the skill.”

Before movements can take place, there must be a change in muscular tension on both sides of your joints. The effectiveness of this muscular teamwork is one of the main factors that determine the limits of speed, endurance, power, agility, and accuracy in all athletic performances.

Endurance, or energy conservation, is the most important attribute one can develop for a street fight. You can look at endurance as doing more reps, and getting stronger, or you can look at endurance as performing your technique or exercise in the most efficient manner so that you do not waste or leek any energy. When a large man has you pinned to the ground, you are finished if you don’t know how to breathe and conserve your energy. You will need to weather the storm before pulling the trigger on your bite.

Bruce Lee was concerned with the harmonious coordination of your physical and psychological being. Remember if you are about to bite someone’s face, you are in a very dangerous situation. This is no joking matter, because you will either end up a bloody mess, or behind bars if cannot control your emotions and react with excessive force. Therefore the success of the outcome is solely dependent on your ability to control mind, body and spirit as one united whole.

Based on Lee’s research, there are four main components of the Action Strength system, chosen to prepare a fighter to execute techniques in the most efficient and energy conserving manner.

1. Manipulation of External weight (Kettlebells and Gada(Indian Mace))
2. Manipulation of your own body weight in all planes of motion
3. Isometrics
4. Development of Body Mechanics and Reflexes specific to the sport or technique being performed.

Every exercise is concerned with integrating the mind and body into a united whole. There is no isolation of individual muscles, and no split between resistance training and cardio.In Tai-Chi, Jiu-Jitsu, Wing-Chun or Western Boxing there is one universal theme. Regardless of the style the secret to the success of their individual techniques is dependent on one’s posture, breathing, and intent.