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Action Strength
The Evolution of Bruce Lee’s Physical Conditioning written by Julio AnteBruce Lee wasn’t just known as the king of kung fu, a great action hem, philosopher, the father of Mixed Martial Arts, creator of Jeet Kune Do and the most influential martial artist ever. At a time were most martial artist and athletes believed the weight training made you muscle bound and slow he proved them wrong. He lifted weights, worked out with kettle bells, did isometrics, and cardio. He even did Mala Videa (Indian bodyweight physical culture) exercises. Lee was also known for his incredible muscularity and awesome physique.Action Strength is the evolution of Bruce Lee’s physical conditioning. I believe that if Lee was still alive his workout would resemble Action Strength. Action Strength was developed by Contemporary Jeet Kune Do senior instructor and fitness expert Harinder Singh. Action Strength is the first hardcore mind, body, spirt functional training workout. It works out your body internally and externally. 10 years ago Singh was in college on a Tennis scholarship when he got into a car accident which ends his tennis career. Today through Action Strength training he is in the best shape of his life and a better athlete than he was in his college tennis days.What’s unique of an Action Strength workout is that you’ll workout aerobically, anaerobic, flexibility, circular strength, posture and breathing all in one workout Action Strength’s motto is 15-4-60. Train 15 minutes 4 times a week and change the routine every 60 days. This in turn will give you more time to train in your preferred sport or martial mi. It has 3 stages:Action Strength is an international workout which is the fusion of Russian kettle bell training, Chinese Tai Chi/Qi Gong exercise and breath control, Indian Mala Videa (the ancient Indian physical conditioning system of bodyweight exercise), isometrics, muscle control, breath control and Gada (Mace) exercises and Filipino Kali Carenza. Kali is a martial art that uses sticks, and knives. Singh has taken the best workouts from around the world to develop this extraordinary fitness system. Action Strength is perfect for martial artists, and athletes as well as the unfit couch potato that wants to look fit. It will help you with strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, speed, and agility.Just like in Jeet Kune Do, Action Strength absorbs what is useful and reject what is useless. In Action Strength Kettle bells are considered as the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu of fitness and the Gada is known as the Muay Thai of Action Strength. Brazilian jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai are the base of MMA or a UFC fighter. To add to the fitness toolbox of Action Strength you also have Tai Chi Gong, Carenza and bodyweight training.I am blessed to have met and personally trained with Harinder Singh in Action Strength and Contemporary Jeet Kune Do. He has devoted his life to excel in fitness, develop strength and the excel in the martial arts. He has searched and traveled the world to train under the best martial arts and fitness instructors. Si ugh is a Senior Contemporary Jeet Rune Do instructor under Paul Vunak. Harinder travels to his native country of Indian to train in Aida Vidyea. He is an RIX H under Pavel Tsatsouline who reintroduced kettlelbell training in the USA. Singh is also a disciple of the Chen Tai Chi system.Singh is one of the fastest and strongest athletes I have ever laid eyes on. He reminds me of Bruce Lee Look-ing at and training with him I can only imagine how Bruce Lee moved in person. Singh is my fitness and martial arts mentor. Action Strength is about longevity. I have accomplished goals that I would only have dreamed of when I was in my twenties. Today I can out do most people half my age in fitness. At 54 years old I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to Action Strength.

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