Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association

The Art of Expressing the Human Body

JKD Athletic Association Advisors

Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal has assembled his own personal group of world class advisors. From T’ai Chi to Wing Chun, to Boxing, to Grappling, to Law Enforcement Masters.
“The JKD Athletic Association was formed for one reason, KNOWLEDGE.” – Sifu Harinder Singh

Sifu Arnold Tayam – Tai-Chi & Qi-Gong Advisor

Sifu Ben Der – Wing Chun Advisor(Ip Mann original student and lineage)

Prof. Marcel Louzado – 3x World Champion Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling & Judo Advisor

Prof. James Hundon – Grand Master Wally Jay’s top student and lineage bearer for Small Circle Jiu-Jitsu

Derek Sierra – Boxing & MMA Advisor

Julio Anta – Children’s Program Advisor

Dr. Anshu Sabharwal – Functional Movement & Rehabilitation Advisor


JKD Athletic Association Training Officers


JKDAA Training Officers have been hand selected by Sifu Singh.  Their goal is to make sure that the technical, training, and testing standards of their discipline is upheld with the highest regard.

Hector Solis – JKD & Kali Training Officer

Gavin Garringer – Action Strength Training Officer

Darrell Burton – Law Enforcement Training Officer


JKD Athletic Association International Reps

JKDAA International Representatives have been selected by Sifu Singh, and are responsible for teaching, training, and spreading JKD in their nations.

Jay Cooper – Canadian Regional Training Representative

Dan Wait – UK Regional Training Representative

Hector Solis – South American Regional Training Representative