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Jeet Kune Do for Law Enforcement.
This course will be lead by Sifu Harinder Singh.  Officers and Attendees will learn cutting edge techniques that are taught to our nations elite forces like the US Navy Seal Team 6, SWAT, DEA, DOD, and over 50 police departments across the country.  The simplicity is in the training method.  We Train the way we fight, and fight the way we train ! Officers have to learn and train for all scenarios(weapons, empty hands, clinch, mass attack, and ground fighting) and be prepared to respond with the Correct Use of Force.

We teach officers Training and Conditioning methods that allow them to be prepared for situations in the shortest amount of time, exponentially increasing chances of survival on the beat and with their families on the street.  Officers will be certified to teach this material to their departments, and will receive an official Certificate from the Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association.

3 Day Jeet Kune Do LEO Certification for Police & SWAT
Course Topics:
1.  MMA Defense for LEO Officers – Officers learn to defend against Punching, Kicking, Clinching, Takedowns, and Ground Fighting.
2.  Edged & Blunt(Baton:”ASP”) Weapons Defensive Tactics
3.  The Sucker Punch Defense
4.  The Emotional Dimension: Maintain a Cool Head under Pressure(Breathing drills are introduced to keep officers in the present moment and increase their situational awareness)
5.  Physical Conditioning & Functional Fitness in 15 minutes a Day !!! – These exercises can be learned by anyone, of any skill level.

March 27, 2014: Chicago, Illinois(For ILEETA members only)
ILEETA: Law Enforcement Certification Program: How to Teach and Train Law Enforcement
-    Edged Weapons (including spontaneous attacks)
-    Blunt Weapons (ASP)
-    Rapid Assault Tactics (stand-up and ground)
-    Force Continuum & Quick Kills
-    MMA Defense
-    Sucker Punch Defense
-    Situational Awareness
-    Action Strength Conditioning for Law Enforcement & Military personnel