Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association

The Art of Expressing the Human Body

Leigh Garczynski

Sifu Harinder Singh is one of the most impressive martial artists I have met in my years of training. He is not only intelligent and hard-working, but creative, easy-going, and truly responsive to others. He has a natural gift that is unattainable by many; the ability to be calm and spirituality motivating with the expressive movements of T’ai Chi, to strong and athletic with the power of Action Strength, and the ability to be aggressive and precise within the fluidity of Jeet Kune Do. I have no doubt that Sifu Singh would excel in whatever endeavor he pursues, and I believe he would be a positive mentor to all no matter of age, physical ability or years of martial arts experience. As a woman in a man’s arena, I feel my most comfortable and receive the highest level of empowerment through my continued training under the direction of Sifu Harinder Singh.