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Kettlebells + Gada + Body Weight + Tai-Chi = Action Strength

“The same combat and conditioning methods used by Elite Soldiers, Professional Athletes, and Martial Arts Masters!

strenght_01Action Strength is a complete portable functional fitness training System that combines Kettlebells, Ancient Indian Exercises(Body Weight & Mace), with Qi-Gong and Tai-Chi Secrets to create what can only be known as the Super Athlete!Functional Fitness, Extraordinary Strength, Flawless Body Mechanics, & a Sharp Mind!The goal of the Action Strength training methodology is to develop a complete Super Athlete. Using the same methods employed by elite military, Ancient Warriors and Kung-Fu Masters, whose lives depended on their ability to perform their physical techniques and keep a calm and quiet mind. Because for them, survival was a daily task.


Action Strength combines ancient systems of training that were designed to Build Your Body, Sharpen Your Mind, and Focus Your Spirit!

The Essences of Fighting is the Art of Movement, At the Right Time ! Movement and motion are the root of every physical action. Your Mental and Emotional state drives the fluidity, and Mechanics in the execution of your movement. “Training for Strength and Flexibility is a must. You must use it to support your techniques. Techniques alone are no good if you don’t support them with strength and flexibility.”
–Bruce Lee

Martial Artists and Athletes alike know the importance of physical attributes like strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, speed, and agility. Each of these PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES affects the performance of the fundamental skills involved in all forms of martial arts, athletics, and the rigors of daily life. Your PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES are governed by your MENTAL STATE at that particular moment in time.
“Your movement and motion under pressure determines the success of your technique.” — Harinder Singh

Action Strength Level 1 Certification- The Fundamentals of Functional Fitness and Attribute Development – Florida or California