Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association

The Art of Expressing the Human Body

Lt. Anthony J. Spatara

My name is Anthony Spatara and I am a lieutenant and SWAT Team Commander for the West Palm Beach Police Department. I would like to take a few minutes to critique a course you recently offered that I attended. That course was “Rapid Assault Tactics.”

I found the course to be rigorous and comprehensive in that it covered defensive tactics as they are applicable to current trends in law enforcement. The mainstream popularity of Mixed Martial Arts has created the toughest, best trained and conditioned athletes who, in most cases, use their skills during sanctioned competitions. The popularity of MMA has also increased the likelihood a police officer will encounter a skilled adversary who is capable of inflicting harm or injury to him or her if he or she may have been a lesser opponent. In today’s climate, Mixed Martial Arts have become very popular with many groups outside law enforcement. We are continually finding we encounter adversaries with varying skill levels, and depending on those skills, are potentially formidable opponents.

.As a student, I found your course to be professionally presented and geared toward use of force considerations in law enforcement. I was particularly impressed with the fact that you enlightened us with the concept of survival breathing. This skill provides an officer increased stamina not only during conditioning exercises, but when it is needed most – in a life or death struggle against a violent, combative subject. By the end of the day, I felt the students gained a solid foundation not only to employ your technique but also had the ability to defend themselves from someone using techniques against them with ill intent. Our SWAT Team will certainly employ your techniques during future training sessions and possibly expand upon them. We look forward to future training opportunities with you. On behalf of the West Palm Beach SWAT team and all of the others in attendance, I want to collectively thank you for the eye-opening, outstanding training!