Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association

The Art of Expressing the Human Body

Apprentice Instructor Curriculum

A general conditioning and general awareness phase. 70% of the training is Jun Fan Kickboxing (Bruce Lee’s kickboxing method) and the Rapid Assault Tactics Program(Standing, Ground, & Weapons). The other 30 % is divided between trapping, standing grappling, ground grappling, single stick and single knife training.

The goals during this phase of training are:

a) To develop the students attributes and overall awareness.

b) Learning how to fight and what are the best strategies to employ.

c) How to Win a Fight on your Feet with The RAT and Jun Fan Kickboxing

d) How to Win a Fight on the Ground with The RAT on the Ground(Kinomutai & BJJ)

e) How to Win a Fight with Weapons by De-Fanging the Snake

d) Lots of hours spent on light contact sparring going from weapons->kickboxing->ground

e) Introduction to the use of training equipment : Focus Mitts & Heavy Bag

f) Fundamentals of Ranges of Combat and the importance of trapping

g) Introduction to Breathing and Energy Conservation


What Professionals Are Saying


I am blessed to have met and personally trained with Harinder Singh in Action Strength and Contemporary Jeet Kune Do. He has devoted his life ...

- Julio Anta,

“I have the privilege and honor of training on a regular basis with Sifu Harinder Singh. Having myself worked with and trained under many martial ...

- Professor James Hundon ,
Dr. Richard Downie

Sifu Singh, many thanks for your and Sigung’s kind note. It was a great honor to meet and train with you at the Summit–which really ...

- Dr. Richard Downie, Ph.D, National Defense Institute
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Sifu Singh

Biography Sifu Singh is a descendant of an unbroken lineage of ...

The Definition of a Warrior

The Definition of Warrior The Definition of a Warrior: The impeccable ...

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Press Release


October 26, 2012

Sifu Singh’s TEDx Sacramento Speech

On August 31, 2012 Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal was given a unique opportunity to share the concept of “Thought Catching”. Thought Catching is a 5 ...


May 3, 2012

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How Jeet Kune Do became the Ultimate Fighting Art...